Journey to being a writer


The Reporter

Having been nurtured by seasoned reporter, Pam Oliver, Imani brought a dynamic approach to the sports broadcasting field as a Black, Muslim woman in hijab. She managed a career that required her to travel to hundreds of games in the most well-known sports arenas in America, including covering the National Football League's (NFL) retired players event for Super Bowl XLVIII! She also contributed writing for sports media platforms.


The International Educator

After years of broadcasting, Imani took her talents abroad, where she began a teaching career helping non-native speakers learn the importance of strong writing skills. She, has since, taught at three international schools covering all grades up to high school. Imani is professionally certified in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and prepares non-native English speaking adults for the International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) Exam that shows how great of a writer, speaker, and listener they are.


The traveling Writer

 She has  furthered her communications career by freelance writing and editing content for various publications, worldwide. Her contributed works include travel, lifestyle, motherhood, womanhood, and mental health. Imani is currently based in China, having previously lived in Egypt and Poland (where her son was born).